1. Is JibJob free to use?
  2. Is JibJob a job posting board?
  3. Can I see the list of resumes submitted on this website?
  4. Can I get the source code and run my own JibJob-powered site?
    Yes. The details on how to do this is in the Github project page.
  5. Where can I submit feedback and bugs with the JibJob site and/or application?

Composing Resumes

  1. Can I import my existing resume to JibJob?
    No, but you can still copy and paste the text contents of your resume to JibJob.
  2. Can I choose different styles for my resume?
    Not at this time.
  3. Can JibJob help me write my resume?
    No. JibJob cannot provide advice on the actual content of your resume.
  4. How do I spell-check my resume?
    You can use your browser's spellcheck feature when editing your resume. A built-in solution may be provided in the future.

Publishing Resumes

  1. Can I export my JibJob resume to Microsoft (MS) Word format?
    Not at this time.
  2. How do I print my JibJob resume?
    Save the PDF version of your resume and print that file.
  3. How do I save my resume in PDF format?
    Click the PDF link on top of your published resume page to download the file.
  4. How do I send my resume to a potential employer?
    You can send the URL of your published resume, or attach the PDF version to an e-mail. Some application forms may require you to paste your resume to a web form. Click the Plain Text link on your published resume page and copy the contents to your clipboard.
  5. How do I make my published resume private?
    Set an Access Code in the resume Edit form.
  6. What happens when I delete my published resume.
    Your resume is deleted from the application and your resume link will stop working.
  7. So, how do I really export my JibJob resume to MS Word format?
    There is no MS Word export functionality at the moment.
  8. But I really need my resume exported in MS Word format!
    Okay, it is a feature that is being worked on.